Staying Connected While Traveling in New Zealand

April 27, 2017
While the goal may be to disconnect and get away, we all know that the practicalities of modern life – not to mention travel planning – require staying connected from time to time. These tips will help you stay online and connected while traveling in New Zealand.
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Staying at B&Bs Around New Zealand

March 1, 2017
For many people, a Bed & Breakfast is the ideal accommodation option, so it’s not surprising that the B&B culture in New Zealand is thriving. If you’re planning a trip here, we encourage you to consider booking into a B&B for a portion, if not all, of your trip.
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New Zealand's "Cant Miss" Summer Events for 2017

January 6, 2017
New Zealand truly comes alive in the summer. It's standard for Kiwis to take several weeks off around Christmas and New Years, so most of the country is on holiday at the same time. This means that there is no shortage of events and festivals going on throughout the country. If you plan your campervan holiday right, we bet you could hit a different event every day! Here's a rundown of our favourite events happening this summer season on the North...
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The Benefits of Travelling by Motorhome

May 1, 2016
New Zealand is a beautiful yet small country, criss-crossed by great roads and even better scenery. What better way to traverse this great nation than by motorhome or caravan – and there are a number of benefits of doing so! In this blog we’ll outline why holidaying with a motorhome is such a great way to explore New Zealand. Flexibility No strict schedule and no time limits make for an easy, relaxing holiday. Taking your time when travelling is a great...

Pack like a Pro: Hacks and Tips for Stress-Free Travel

December 16, 2014
Whether you’re away for a day, a week or a month, from the time you decide to travel until you’ve settled in your destination, there will be stresses and obstacles to overcome while you plan, prepare, pack and proceed to your chosen transportation. At the Auckland Airport Holiday Inn, we want to ensure your travels go without a hitch. We’ve created this handy guide of tips and tricks to help you achieve your dream of efficient, stress-free travel.
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The Ultimate Guide to Roadtripping with Kids

August 28, 2014
Long journeys with children are often a source of dread or worry for parents – at any age kids can get fussy, irritable and squabble between themselves during long car rides. To make your trip more enjoyable, we’ve compiled a guide of the top tips we’ve accumulated for traveling with babies, toddlers and/or older children.

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