•  Very few people have the opportunity to experience the awesome and magical beauty of Antarctica first-hand. The Antarctic Attaction aims to re-create the atmosphere and environment of Antarctica providing visitors with an interactive, fun and exciting experience of the "Great White South". You're invited to explore a selection of the Attraction's features.

      The Four Seasons:

      • Experience the four dramatic seasons which make up a year in Antarctica.
      • Feel the chill of winter and watch daylight return as the Antarctic summer approaches after four months of darkness.

      Scott Base:

      • Use interactive technology to find out about the people who live and work in Antarctica today.
      • Handle the polar survival clothes they wear, learn about Scott Base, home of Antarctica New Zealand, and view the delightful and zany "Penguin Capers" video.

      Snow and Ice Experience:

      • Experience Antarctic conditions first-hand .. even on a hot summer's day! Slide down a snow slope, explore a snow cave, feel icy wind-chills, or just let your body tingle with the exhilaration of being in Antarctic temperatures!

      The Antarctic Storm:

      • Check out our latest interactive experience - a real Antarctic Storm blowing every 30 minutes inside the snow & ice experience.
      • Experience a new world of extreme wind chill and cold.
      • Jackets and footwear provided.

      Gallery Area:

      • Have the mysteries of Antarctica revealed to you.
      • Learn about the Antarctic Treaty, transportation to and from Antarctica, the ozone layer plus the wildlife and their natural habitat.
      • Stroke a leopard seal and observe live Antarctic fish in the aquarium.

      Camp Site and Snow Mobile:

      • How do people survive on Antarctic field trips? Look inside a polar tent, climb aboard the skidoo, or have your photo taken in front of a unique Antarctic vista.

      The Great White South:

      • Enter this spell-binding 14-min audio visual show, a "never to be forgotten" experience!
      • The spine-tingling images and moving sounds create a hushed atmosphere where you are visually transported to Antarctica.

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