New Zealand is a beautiful yet small country, criss-crossed by great roads and even better scenery. What better way to traverse this great nation than by motorhome or caravan – and there are a number of benefits of doing so! In this blog we’ll outline why holidaying with a motorhome is such a great way to explore New Zealand.

No strict schedule and no time limits make for an easy, relaxing holiday. Taking your time when travelling is a great way to see more of where you’re going. Imagine having to skip sights and activities to check in on time or get in before dark. Being in a motorhome means what it says – it’s a home on wheels! It’s easy to pull into a rest stop or park for a refreshing nap or walk around.

Accommodation galore
There are many more accommodation options available to a campervan, and it’s easy to find a campsite or freedom camping area wherever you are. Check out our blog on freedom camping for more information on the practice plus what to and what not to do. Wake up to a different view every day, whether that be mountain ranges, a golden beach, expansive plains or lush forestry.

Cosy and convenient
In a motorhome, everything’s right at your fingertips. There are a variety of size options available depending on your needs and the number of people travelling with you. Everything is included – bedding, cutlery, kitchen appliances, shower and toilet. Plus, no matter where you go, you’ll always have your luggage with you, so it’s easy to pop back if you’ve forgotten something or for a quick change of clothes or snack.

Change of plans? Extended stay? Detour? Nothing’s a hassle. Take your travelling home with you and avoid those pesky hotel cancellations. The best part of travelling is exploring, and sometimes that means going further or staying longer. The freedom to travel on a whim, change plans or just go with the flow is one of the best things about not having “solid” accommodation.

The New Zealand Camper Community
It’s not just tourists that love travelling the country by motorhome – there’s an avid community of Kiwis that love it too and an association dedicated to it. Particularly during summer and autumn, you’ll find many other fellow campers traversing the North and South Islands in their own motorhomes. There’s a wonderful community spirit, and you’ll no doubt come across a number of kind, welcoming people who are enjoying the scenery and county as much as you are. A few will have great stores about their travels or the campers themselves; some have been passed down through generations, revamped and refurbished and turned into works of art.
We hope we’ve convinced you of how wonderful it is to travel by motorhome – we’ve done it ourselves! Do you have any great memories of motorhome meandering? We’d love to hear about it in a comment below.

Photo credits
Gazing by Maz Au, CC-BY-2.0
Stopped for some photos by Aaron Jacob, CC-BY-SA-2.0

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