Kiwi Travel NZ offers a variety of Day Tours throughout New Zealand allowing you to experience a vast array of beaches, ‘Hobbiton’, cultural tours, and multiple excursions to some of New Zealand’s most pristine environments.

It’s simple to book and take part on a Day Tour of your choice. Simply ask any of our friendly staff about the range on offer.

The 7 Essentials for a Day Tour

Once you’re booked and ready to go, here a few things to pack to ensure that your tour is one not to be forgotten.

  1. Camera – with the beauty of Aotearoa, it is essential that the camera is the first item packed! Landscapes, people and culture can all be magically caught in time and of course provide you with postcard shots to make your friends envious.

  2. Sunscreen – it is important to lather up with sunscreen and ensure that you take care of yourself in the heat, especially during the summer months. Remember to slip, slop, slap, and wrap – slip on a shirt, slop in some sunscreen, slap on a hat and wrap on some sunglasses.

  3. Clothing – make sure that the clothing you pack (and wear) is appropriate. Occasionally in New Zealand you will hear the term ‘4 seasons in one day’ – so ensure that you have something in your day pack that will keep you warm and dry in the case of wet weather, and that your footwear is appropriate for the tour.

  4. Medication – From a safety point of view, don’t forget to pack any medication you may need to take throughout the course of the tour. On some tours will be near impossible to secure medication due to the scarcity of pharmacies/doctors enroute.

  5. Food & Drink – when confirming your booking, determine if your food is supplied as part of the package. If not, pack enough food to sustain your energy, as you’ll need it. It is recommended to also bring along a water bottle, even if you will be supplied with a drink throughout the tour. Maintaining hydration will improve your tour experience without the discomfort and feeling of getting dehydrated.

  6. Wallet and purse – what better way to remember your tour than with a trinket or two! You’ll have plenty of opportunities to get yourself a souvenir and a constant reminder of how great New Zealand is.

  7. Bring a companion – New Zealand is somewhere to be shared! Bring a friend and make sure that you have someone to share the experience and recite all those great experiences with.

Don’t delay, book today

Whether it’s the Cape Reinga Wanderer, Stewart Island Excursion or anywhere in between, give us a call at Kiwi Travel NZ and let us help you experience New Zealand in a day. If one day isn’t enough, the team can recommend a vehicle and provide a number of longer-term itineraries that will meet your needs.