The tourism industry worldwide is an industry that is highly competitive and where destinations are vowing for the tourist dollar. At times, New Zealand seems just too far away – but whether that is actually detrimental to the decision-making process or something that is actually inviting to a traveller is yet to be determined.

As a Kiwi we sometimes take for granted the beautiful country we live in and the everyday options we have at our fingertips. In this article, we discuss the three main reasons why you need to make New Zealand your next destination. These are finances, stability and of course, our attractions and scenery. We’ll look at each of these in a little more depth below.

In the past 18 months, the New Zealand dollar had climbed significantly making tripping to New Zealand an expensive exercise for overseas tourists. The New Zealand dollar has come down from its peak of 88c against the US dollar in July 2014 to just shy of 71 cents as of 07/07/15.

The Kiwi dollar currently is an attractive sight for international visitors.[1] With greater value for your dollar, you can either see or experience more for your budget or alternatively strip back your expenses to achieve the desired holiday or break you’ve always dreamed of.

“The Kiwi has slid against all the currencies of our major tourist markets, making this country more affordable for overseas visitors who are arriving in record numbers. Latest figures show there were just under three million visitors to New Zealand in the year ending May, up 7 per cent on the previous 12 months. May arrivals were up nearly 10 per cent on the previous year.”[2]

Unsure of what your budget is in New Zealand dollars? Check here to see how much far your budget will stretch in New Zealand with this handy currency converter.

StabilityIn New Zealand you can gain comfort about the stable nature of the political, financial and economic environment. Where many destinations throughout the world are subjected to turmoil based on a number of factors or environments, New Zealand as a country remains in a stable flux.

For example, financial instability is topical at the moment in Greece. The financial crisis they currently face has come to a head, with the country recently voting in a referendum to reject proposed bailout measures. The outcome currently is a shortage of money and currency in the country, which has affected current tourists and impacting upon the decision on international visitors to the country. The main piece of advice given to travellers to Greece is to “be aware of possible banking service disruptions and [you] should bring extra euros and more than one means of payment”.[3]

Other regions and areas also suffer tourist detriment due to warfare and ongoing disruption, generally based on ethnic or religious differences. Destinations within the Middle East, including Syria, the West Bank, the Gaza Strip, Iraq, etc. all have a heightened danger associated with visiting them, and with the prominence of ISIS in the region, travel carries risk.

In contrast New Zealand provides a stability in terms of security and safety, and its strong financial economic base can provide some protection around value for money.

“In a turbulent world, New Zealand stands out as a reassuringly sturdy beacon of stability, openness and fair dealing.” New Zealand Now

Attractions & SceneryNew Zealand has something for everyone – whether it be a relaxing time, adrenaline packed, wanting to learn more about the Maori (New Zealand’s indigenous people), or just soaking in the spectacular scenery that the country has to offer.

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To be fair, there are too many reasons to list why New Zealand should be on your bucket list or your next holiday adventure. The good news is that the team at can customise packages to suit your tastes and taste buds – simply give them the brief and they’ll look after the rest. 

They say a picture paints a thousand words. Well, we’re going to leave the beauty and emotion of New Zealand to speak for itself. However, we look forward to speaking with you.